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Fiebre Dummy Award 2018 10 finalists

Fiebre Photobook organization team is pleased to announce the 10 finalists of our call for entries to publish a photobook sponsored by Artes Gráficas Palermo, co-edited with Dalpine, and pre-press by La Troupe. The jury composed by: Katja Stuke: Photographer and curator, Larissa Leclair: Founder, Indie Photobook Library (Washington, DC), Sebastian Arthur Hau: Independent editor, curator and art director of Polycopies and Cosmos, Misha Kominek: Photographer, gallery owner and publisher, Sonia Berger: Editor and curator at Dalpine, Fosi Vegue: Photographer and editor, Dinamo Visual Lab, Víctor Garrido: Photographer and prepress technician and Miguel Ángel Esteban: Director of Artes Gráficas Palermo, have selected the following dummies in alphabetical order:

  • Alfonso Moral with Fenicia: Catálogo Irracional

  • Andrew Waits with APORIA

  • Carlos Chavarría with Façade

  • Jaime Permuth with The Street Becomes

  • Kevin Kunstadt with ONE–CAR–BAZAAR

  • Kristin Trüb with Hi Zahid, this is Kristin

  • Martina Zanin with I made them run away

  • Maya Meissner with The Cedar Lodge

  • Pietro Paolini with Buscando a Bolivar

  • Yuki Furusawa with Things About My Mom and Me

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